Monday, January 26, 2009

Banco De Oro: A Universal Bank That Sucks!!??

Banco de Oro (BDO) was known to be the largest lender here in the Philippines but could you imagine a universal bank that sucks?!

BDO really sucks!! I got my worst experience when a bullshit ATM machine ate my P6K Cash Card account load ... Until now the money was still not returned yet... I have called the toll free, the first time I called; an agent told me that processing will took 5 days of investigation and gave me a reference number. After 5days, I called to follow up my account; unfortunately, the agent told me that there's no feedback yet and added 2 more days to wait. After 2 days, I called again but the agent told me to call back by tomorrow. Again I called, but same reason; the agent told me that there's still no feedback. She told me to wait for an SMS that will be sent to me, but I haven't received any SMS. Again I called, and the agent just repeats what has been the reason earlier. I feel so tired calling all over again and I can't remember how many times I did just to get my money back. It's almost one month already and BDO haven’t returned my money yet. I don’t know how and why it goes like this! To think, they got their system and they can easily track all transactions and I believe one day is just enough. All their branches were just like dummies! When you approach to them, they’ll just give a phone and let you talk to a call center agent! Very stupid! Could a call center agent fix this up and return the money on my account?! I feel like I’m bursting already while talking on the phone. Every word I hear was just the same. Where is reliability in their services? The agent also told me ones that the number of calls I made for follow up was part of the investigation. Does she mean it like a proof that I am really not just making a story? Oh c’mon! How I wish to have a gun and say, “CAN I SHOOT YOU MISS?”

I have lost my patience already. They got plenty of alibis. They brought to much hassle in me and in my work. Do they want me to call every day?!! How could I? I have my work and I can’t have time to call at their toll free every day. I’m not really happy with what BDO had done. I need my money back… I’ve got several bills and rents to pay. BDO is making a bad day for me... And yeah… BDO is really the largest! The largest provider of INCONVENIENCE! It sucks!!


  1. how sad,as i know many people trusted on that bank, but what theve done is very discouraging for those who wish or to have plan to open an account.........

  2. hello noren,

    actually, I like their employees... they would treat you well and they we're nice. however, they can't do something on such complains.. no use!! their system I guess is not really reliable.. or maybe their ATM machines was the problem. I've read also a lot of complains about BDO... and the most irritating is, they just left you hanging... they will just tell you to call again... I've been calling for so many times... until now my money is not yet returned in my account... their services is no good... that's all I can say...